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A Carrion Call

by The Great Park



From the album 'bottle the grief'


carrion call

there once were clouds and they gathered above us
and as we walked down boot hill they dropped upon us

and at the cry of the church bells all the ravens gave it hell
a murderous symphony oh the noise does fuck with me

a carrion call

but when the north wind blows the crows don’t stand a chance
and we saw carnage treetops shredded

a crowd of skeletons sticks for a forest
the fog on the ground thigh high and liquid

and we wade a mile well we get really nowhere
and our voices are muffled and only talk of trouble

i left the town on a whim thoughtless and carefree
and now every six steps the birds they caw at me

a carrion call

when the wagons came the locusts landed
for a week they fell about like they fucking owned the place

oh they burn your barn they steal your chickens
they pollute your paddock and then make you buy it back

they paint your sheep and pour ink into the milk
black wash the stables they turn the daylight off

they say it’s for your own good you’ll thank us later
and the truth hurts it’s true but still we give it to you

a carrion call

and so i say it once and then let’s speak of it no more
if the night is really here then let us disappear

bottle the grief i walk an hour on my knees
get nowhere quicker get it over with

get good and gone get it so you can see it
the coal the wet tar the gap between the stars

it’s not a cry for help when it’s something no one can change
it’s a yell into the deep well it’s a shout out for nothing

it’s a carrion call


released April 7, 2020
Stephen Burch: martin D35 acoustic guitar and vocals.

Written by Stephen Burch.

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The Great Park Germany

Stephen Burch. Problem folk, songs with words.

"Ein Singer-Songwriter ist immer auch Poet. Und Burch ist ein ganz besonderer." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)


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